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Features That Enhance Your Business

Reprint POS Order

This will help you to reprint POS receipt/invoice.

Reorder from POS

User can easily reorder any pos order from orders list in POS.

Import Sale order

Using this module you can easily import any sale order in POS.

Create Sale Order

Using this module you can create sale order from POS.

Fix Discount

User can apply fix discount to pos order.

Percentage Discount

User can apply percentage discount on pos order.

POS Item Count

Stay connected & encourage your customer to continue shopping with you by giving Loyalty Points that can be redeemed on next purchase for Heavy Discounts.

Partial Pay Order

Attract more customers to increase your sales at your Retail stores with Multiple Discounts & Scheme options like Item Discount, Bill Discount, Combo Offers etc.

Define Loyalty Points

Never compromise on safety of customer, provide 100% Safety Assurance with Home Delivery, QR Code Ordering, Online Ordering options & receive Digital Payments in one click.

Earn Loyalty Points

Customer can earns loyalty points with his/her every purchase in POS.

Create Product from POS Screen

Only allowed user can create product from POS screen.

Edit/Search Name or Barcode

User can edit product detail or search product by barcode or name on pos screen.

Configure Multi Currency

User can add foreign currencies in Point Of Sale configuration and currencies displayed in POS payment screen.

Pay POS Order using Multi Currency

User can edit product detail or search product by bacode or name on pos screen.

Smart Button for Create Picking

Create picking using internal transfer button from pos screen.

Provide Pop-up for Create Picking

User can select source and destination location and state from pop-up.

Confirmation Notification

Picking created done then notify confirmation message.

Picking Details

User can see picking details in back-end.

Register Payment for Particular Customer

Register Payment for Particular Customer from Point of Sale Screen.

Register Payment for Specific Invoice

Register Payment for Specific Invoice on pos screen.


Keep in touch with your customers

With Tirzok POS you will get an awesome feature name contact Management. With this feature, you can easily manage your contacts.

You can easily save their all information like their home address, their shipping address, their delivery address & even their name mail and also their number.

And with this, you can easily communicate with them through messaging and also can send mails.

That not only build your relationship with your customers but also will make your business brand. To bring loyalty and make your business a brand Tirzok POS is the #1POS software in Bangladesh.

Online or Offline

Tirzok’s Point of Sale stays reliable even if your connection is not.  As a Web Application, Tirzok Restaurant does not require any installation.

It just works online. While an Internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after complete disconnection.  

Features We Provide

  • Reprint POS Order

  • Reorder from POS

  • Import Sale order

  • Create Sale Order

  • Fix Discount

  • Percentage Discount

  • POS Item Count

  • Partial Pay Order

  • Define Loyalty Points

  • Earn Loyalty Points

  • Create Product from POS Screen

  • Edit/Search Product by Name or Barcode

  • Configure Multi Currency

  • Pay POS Order using Multi Currency

  • Smart Button for Create Picking

  • Provide Pop-up for Create Picking

  • Confirmation Notification

  • Picking Details

  • Register Payment for Particular Customer

  • Register Payment for Specific Invoice

  • Modern user interface

  • Control vendor bills

  • Blanket order agreement

  • Purchase tenders

  • Create RfQs for your suppliers

  • Automate the process

  • Get offers for multiple items

  • Variants Grid Entry

  • Monitor RfQs and orders

  • Automate ordering

  • Manage incoming products

  • Create drafts

  • Handle internal moves

  • Control future orders

  • Create products

  • Check stock and availability

  • Add supplier reference

  • Specify storage location

  • Create sale conditions

  • Define procurement rules

  • Add POS and website specifications

  • Ideal search filters

  • Include accounting rules

  • Dashboards & Inventory forecasts

  • Barcode Features

  • Modern User Interface

  • Flexible: Easily manage a single inventory

  • Delivery Orders

  • Inventory Adjustments

  • Multiple Locations

  • Receipts and Packing

  • Scrap Products

  • Stock Transfers

  • Drop-shipping

  • Cross-Docking

  • Put away & Removal strategies

  • Pick - Pack - Ship

  • Push & Pull Routes

  • Multi-Warehouses

  • Smart Scheduler

  • Powerful search

  • Minimum Stock

  • Request for Quotations

  • Make-to-Order

  • Activity Log

  • Serial Numbers Tracking

  • Perpetual Valuation

  • Product Types

  • Expiration Dates

  • Costing Methods

  • Landed Costs

  • Valuation Methods

  • Perpetual Inventory Valuation

  • Dashboard and Inventory Forecast

  • Beautiful user interface

  • Multiple Invoice Copies Option

  • Customer credit limit

  • Accounting Overview

  • Asset management system

  • Manage Customer follow-ups

  • Multiple Invoice Copies

  • PDC management is now in

  • Aged partner balance

  • Accounting lock dates

  • Handle Recurring payments

  • Day book, Bank book and Cash book reports

  • Trial balance report

  • General ledger report

  • Partner ledger report

  • Financial reports

  • Tax reports

  • Create employee profiles

  • Manage contracts

  • Manage timesheets

  • Handle attendance

  • Manage leaves

  • Enterprise social network

  • Gamification

  • Expense request

  • Ask questions and give answers

  • Add attachments

  • Expense reports

  • Add comments

  • Submit to Managers

  • Check status

  • Review expense records

  • Compare expense and receipts

  • Accounting integration

  • Manage per team

  • Reinvoice your expenses

  • News feed 

  • Manage participants 

  • Start discussions 

  • Chat window 

  • Subscribe to channels

  • Mailing List 

  • Star favorites

  • MentionsSmileysPrivate Groups

  • Check Status

  • Modules chatter

Sell With Tirzok POS Smarter, Faster & Better

Invoice Customization

Simple interface to customize & generate professional Invoices instantly & give your customers a highly personalized shopping experience.

Choose from a wide range of available pre-defined invoice templates & designs according to company Logo & brand identity.


Multiple Mode Billing

Accept payments in multiple modes such as Cash, Cheques, Debit cards, or Credit cards.

Tirzok ERP POS Software provides you with the comfort of accepting payments in multiple modes.

Multiple Languages Support

Increase your sales by designing beautiful customized invoices in any Local Language in the easiest and most convenient manner.

Efficiently design headers and print items/products in invoices in any Local Language so that your customers stay better connected with you.


Email Setup

Create client invoices and send them by email with one click to register clients. This will help them to keep track of their purchase & you gain more trust.

Price That Match Your Expectation


Call For Price

  • POS Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Discuss Management
  • Contact Management
  •  3 users
  • Multi Branches & Multi Warehouse Supported

  • For Any Query Call
  • +880187-0749000
Business Pro Plus

Call For Price

    •  POS Management
    •  eCommerce Website
    •  Sales Management
    •  Purchase Management
    •  Inventory Management
    •  Accounting Management
    •  Employees Management
    •  Expense Management
    •  HR Management
    •  Attendance Management
    •  SEO Software Include
    •  Facebook Messenger
    •  Discuss Management
    •  Contact Management
    •  Payment Gateway**
    •  3 users
  • Multi Branches & Multi Warehouse Supported

  • For Any Query Call
  • +880187-0749000

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FAQs on POS Software In Bangladesh

Yes, You can see our POS Software for free. We have an option enabled request for demo option just click on this and fill the form we will send you all the credentials.

With a highly experienced and professional team, we are developing POS Software for 4+ years. Our developers are properly skilled & can customize any feature you want in your business website. 

We have all kinds of features in our POS Software. Still, if you need any customizations we can do it. Definitely, we can say Tirzok POS is the #1POS Software in Bangladesh.

When you are doing a business every data matters. Any time you can face internet failure or can lost your electricity while you are serving your customer. If your POS software doesn't have the feature of online & Offline automation then you gonna lose your valuable data. 

Thus you will lose your tracking information & your business gonna lose customer data & also you can't close your accounts with the right count. 

We Tirzok Private Limited Brings this solution for you all from now you don't need to worry about this. We provide the best POS software in Bangladesh with this you can work Online & offline at a time. And when you will get back online your data will be automatically updated.