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  Tracking the service status

  Maintenance system

  Work center control panel

  Effective reporting system

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Features at Glance

Assigning service to technicians

Manage your products into assembly lines or manual assembly.

Ticket generation

Manage repairs of items under warranty or as a service.

Tracking the service status

Launch production of items needed in the final assembly of your products.

Mobile complaint templates

You are now able to consume other products despite what was initially planned and edit MOs once they are done.

Email notifications to customer

Use barcode to speed up your manufacturing operations: lot or serial number scanning, start/pause/stop stopwatch, trigger a maintenance request, move to the next step, etc.  

Parts inventory

Disassemble a finished product and recuperate components.


Mobile Service Shop

When you use the module, a menu named Mobile Service is shown to you. Here you can see the service requests and thereafter configure your mobile service shop.

More about Tirzok ERP Mobile Service Management

  • Service request creation

  • Assigning service request to technicians

  • Mobile service ticket generation

  • Tracking the service status

  • Integrated with accounting and sales module

  • Multi-level access rights

  • Mobile complaint templates

  • Invoice for parts usage and service charges

  • Email notifications to customer

  • Parts inventory

  • Flexible for further customization

  • Modern user interface

  • Control vendor bills

  • Blanket order agreement

  • Purchase tenders

  • Create RfQs for your suppliers

  • Automate the process

  • Get offers for multiple items

  • Variants Grid Entry

  • Monitor RfQs and orders

  • Automate ordering

  • Manage incoming products

  • Create drafts

  • Handle internal moves

  • Control future orders

  • Create products

  • Check stock and availability

  • Add supplier reference

  • Specify storage location

  • Create sale conditions

  • Define procurement rules

  • Add POS and website specifications

  • Ideal search filters

  • Include accounting rules

  • Dashboards & Inventory forecasts

  • Quotation Builder

  • Upselling

  • Variants Grid Entry v13

  • Manage Invoicing from Sales Orders

  • Schedule Activities

  • Pricelists for Discount

  • Order & Invoicing Analysis

  • Barcode Features

  • Modern User Interface

  • Flexible: Easily manage a single inventory

  • Delivery Orders

  • Inventory Adjustments

  • Multiple Locations

  • Receipts and Packing

  • Scrap Products

  • Stock Transfers

  • Drop-shipping

  • Cross-Docking

  • Put away & Removal strategies

  • Pick - Pack - Ship

  • Push & Pull Routes

  • Multi-Warehouses

  • Smart Scheduler

  • Powerful search

  • Minimum Stock

  • Request for Quotations

  • Make-to-Order

  • Activity Log

  • Serial Numbers Tracking

  • Perpetual Valuation

  • Product Types

  • Expiration Dates

  • Costing Methods

  • Landed Costs

  • Valuation Methods

  • Perpetual Inventory Valuation

  • Dashboard and Inventory Forecast

  • Beautiful user interface

  • Multiple Invoice Copies Option

  • Customer credit limit

  • Accounting Overview

  • Asset management system

  • Manage Customer follow-ups

  • Multiple Invoice Copies

  • PDC management is now in

  • Aged partner balance

  • Accounting lock dates

  • Handle Recurring payments

  • Day book, Bank book and Cash book reports

  • Trial balance report

  • General ledger report

  • Partner ledger report

  • Financial reports

  • Tax reports

  • Create employee profiles

  • Manage contracts

  • Manage timesheets

  • Handle attendance

  • Manage leaves

  • Enterprise social network

  • Gamification

  • Expense request

  • Ask questions and give answers

  • Add attachments

  • Expense reports

  • Add comments

  • Submit to Managers

  • Check status

  • Review expense records

  • Compare expense and receipts

  • Accounting integration

  • Manage per team

  • Reinvoice your expenses

  • News feed 

  • Manage participants 

  • Start discussions 

  • Chat window 

  • Subscribe to channels

  • Mailing List 

  • Star favorites

  • MentionsSmileysPrivate Groups

  • Check Status

  • Modules chatter

Manage with Tirzok ERP Smarter, Faster & Better

Service Request

This is the service request creation form. Service requests can be created according to the device's brand and model. One can assign the technician, service request, provide with warranty details, customer details, IMEI no, request and return dates, etc.


Generating tickets for service requests

When you get a service request, you can easily create a ticket for your customer and print it. So, make your business hassle-free.

Mobile parts inventory

Here you see the mobile parts used for service processing which helps you to keep track of your inventory.


Invoice for service requests

Here you can create invoices for service requests.

Tirzok ERP Integrated With

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FAQs on Mobile Shop & Service Management Solution

We Tirzok Private Limited never charge more to our clients. We always try to serve you the best cloud-based solution at a reasonable price. When you are thinking to develop a mobile shop & service management solution you should think about the quality not about the cost.

Because investment in mobile shop & service management business is not a daily task. You should build your mobile shop & service management solution one time for the life & day by day customizations will make your website more workable & flexible for your business.

When you are planning to build your mobile shop & service management software you need to set up the best, flexible user-friendly solution.  Maybe you are not used to the best programming languages which will make your security strong & you don't need to make a team to develop your software as it is a one-time investment.

That's why you need a mobile shop & service management software development agency in Bangladesh like Tirzok Private Limited. We will develop your software with the updated programming language & also with all modern facilities that are badly needed for a better user-friendly interface.

with a highly experienced and professional team, we are developing mobile shop & service management solution software for 4+ years. Our developers are properly skilled & can customize any feature you want in your Software. 

We have a big team of 42+ professional developers. We develop worldwide recognized solutions with outstanding outlooks.