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Solution Features

Freight Quotation & Booking

Create Quotation

Generate freight order quotation with added services, available to users in their website portal, and also directly create booking of quotation.

Freight Quotation

Create quotation inquiry on website, track with tracking number, and receive booking details. Get updates if quotation id ready for booking.


Confirm Booking by convert into shipment and add more shipment details like carriage and route details.

Shipment Type

Create shipment using Direct, House, and Master Shipment methods, and transport via air, ocean, and land.

Shipment Details

Add fleet, flight, and vessel details for land, air, and ocean to calculate estimated costs for consignees/shippers on the website portal.


Manage Import and Export direction as per requirement with air,ocean and land Shipment.

Solution Features

Freight Shipment


Ship goods using Air, Ocean, or Land transportation modes, with specific Ocean types including FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load), and Land types including FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less than Truck Load).


Select between Content Location(shipper / Consignee Address) or Specific Location Address(Source location / destination location)

Transportation Details

Vehicle details pertain to land-based transportation, flight details to air transportation, and ship/vessel details to ocean transportation.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking typically includes a tracking number, barcode, move type, incoterm, and dangerous goods details. To track a shipment on a website, admin can add Shipment tracking by using predefine location and activities.

Agent Details

Additional information about the agent can also be included along with shipment details for the container and box/pallet.

Package Details

Freight packages can be customized to include container or box packages based on individual needs. Items can be added to container packages and dimensions can be specified for both the box package and container package.

Freight Route

Transportation routes such as pickup, delivery, on-carriage, and pre-carriage can be assigned to specific packages with various modes of transportation, such as air, ocean, and land. and you can apply charges accordingly for each route.


Freight charges for specific routes, container shipping charges, and other associated charges like deposit, custom duty, hotel accommodation are considered as services, These service can be categorized into two-way 1) Services for customer 2) Services for Vendor and you can create invoice and bill respectively.

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance documents can be added to manage the import/export process. The document can be tracked using stages such as Pass, In Progress, or Cancelled, allowing for effective management and organization of the customs clearance process.


Add freight insurance details and add policy charges in service also you can manage risk covered of freight and Policy details.

Accountancy and T&C

Freight expenses and profits can be tracked in the accountancy, including due and paid amounts, margins etc. and also you can add terms and conditions for the order.

PDF Report

Generate reports specific to transportation mode: AWB(Airway Bill) for air, BL(Bill of Landing) for ocean, and CMR for land. also you can print whole Shipment Details and shipment Instruction Report.

Solution Features



Add items and containers with dimensions and charges for quick configuration at the time of creating freight order. Specify transportation mode (air, ocean, land) to view available containers and packages at the time of freight order.

Customer / Consignee / Agent

Manage consignee, shipper and agent details for quick configuration.

Other Configuration

Manage Services, Move type, incoterm, stages,policy risk and policy company details in configuration.

Locations / Route

Manage source and destination locations for all transportation modes: ports for ocean, airports and gateways for air, and warehouses for land. Create frequent routes for quick configuration when creating freight orders.

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Our advance analytics dashboard allows you to see a general or detailed overview of company performance. This tool is used to help organisations quickly identify workplace statistics based on KPIs and many more.

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